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We absolutely love to design and build one of a kind jewelry for our customers! nothing can compare to the comfort and style of jewelry that has been handmade just for you




How it works

Creating the perfect custom piece is not an easy task, but at Portsches we welcome the challenge. 

1. It all starts with your design  

We want the piece to be perfect for you. To do that we start with your visions and go from there. In-person or online we can go over your vision with you and with our expertise bring your idea to life.

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD)

After we have the final design approved by you, we move forward to creating the wax. This can be in one of two ways: through CAD or by hand carving. When CAD is the best option the piece is created using 3D modeling software. When the design is complete it can then be rendered for you to have an accurate Idea of what the final product will look like. Once approved the piece is 3D printed using a cast-able resin in store on our 3D printer. We can even print one for you to try on before we make it metal. 

custom (4 of 4).jpg

3. Wax to Metal

Once all the final details to the wax are finished its off to be casted. We do all our metal casting here in store to ensure the best quality. The wax is placed into a plaster and then heated  the plaster and burning out the wax leaving a perfect cavity to be filled with metal. once the plaster reaches the perfect temperature the plaster is removed from the oven and molten metal is vacuumed into the cavity. The final result is exact replica of the wax in metal, but it's not quite done yet. The piece comes out dirty and still requires a lot of work to make it perfect.

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4. The fine details

This is when the ring really comes to life. The metal is polished to a shine, the stones are set, and then the ring is cleaned and packed ready for you.

custom (3 of 4).jpg

Timeline and Estimates

Most customs take around 6-8 weeks from consultation to finish


Verbal estimates are approximations only. All firm estimates will be given in writing. Estimates are valid for 30 days, after 30 days we reserve the right to accommodate for changes in metal cost. For a piece to be started we ask for 50% payment on the price agreed upon and a full payment of the major gemstones. Once a job is started the price will not change without prior notification and approval. 

  • We accept any amount of payment with a credit card if presented in person
  • When purchasing online we may limit the amount we will place on a credit card over the phone
  • We reserver the right to hold orders while payments clear
  • Payments over $2000 paid by wire transfer or cash may be eligible for a 1% discount.





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