The Jewelers Bench

Portsche's Jewelry & Design house are pleased to offer a full list of services for all of your jewelry needs. From the most simple repairs to exquisite custom designed and hand built pieces, we guarantee top quality in all that we do. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our highest priority.

Custom Design

We absolutely love to design and build one of a kind jewelry for our customers! nothing can compare to the comfort and style of jewelry that has been handmade just for you.


From your favorite everyday piece to your most cherished family heirloom, our in-house, master goldsmith's specializes in ring sizing, repairs, and custom work so you can continue to enjoy your favorite pieces of jewelry. We also service all repairs with our laser welder, this means that your jewelry receives the best of care. 


We love bringing a special piece “back to life.” Whether you have a piece that is "outdated" and needs a fresh start or you simply don't like the piece that you have, we will sit down with you and let you tell us exactly what you envision.


Estate Services

We provide evaluation services to conservators and estate representatives. we also provide brokering services for estate and vintage collections.